Controller’s Office

Lisa Colon

 Functions & Responsibilities of the County Controller


Pennsylvania’s County Code, Title 16, briefly states and establishes the responsibilities and authority of the County Controller.  The Controller supervises “the fiscal affairs of the county including the accounts and official acts relating thereto of all officers or other persons who shall collect, receive, hold or disburse the public monies of the county.”  The Lancaster County Controller's Office mission statement is located here.

The Controller is responsible for carrying out the fiscal affairs of Lancaster County through six departmental units:

General Accounting
Internal Audit
Accounts Payable
Financial Systems

 Through these six departmental units, the Controller is able to be the top fiscal watchdog and provide oversight for Lancaster County and the monies of the Lancaster County taxpayers.

The Controller is a member of the following County Boards:
 Investment Board
 Salary Board
Prison Board
Retirement Board
Youth Intervention Center Board of Managers
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