About the Lancaster County Seal

The County of Lancaster was formed on May 10, 1729, and for 250 years used the seal of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as its seal. An amendment to the county code allowed the Commissioners to prescribe the form of the county seal; therefore, in 1979, the County of Lancaster adopted as its seal a heart within a heart.

The seal, a symbol from our early art signifies the heart of man living in the heart of God and so recognizes the freedom and diversity of religion in the county and its strong influence for virtue, truth, and honesty. Within the heart is a Conestoga Wagon, a product of the ingenuity and craftsmanship of our county, surmounted by Pennsylvania rifles, a similar product. The fertile earth is displayed in the base of the heart to mark our appreciation of its beneficence and the stewardship of our farmers. Piles of husked corn lie on the ground in tribute to this native grain.
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