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Emergency Management / Public Safety Training Center

  1. Public Safety Training Center Facility Use / Resource Request Form

    This form is to be used to request the use of facilities and/or equipment at the Lancaster County Public Safety Training Center.

Open Records

  1. County of Lancaster Open Records Request Form

    Send a request for a record to Lancaster County Government Administration


  1. County of Lancaster Automobile Incident Form
  2. County of Lancaster Inventory Order Adjustment Form (County and Cooperative Members)

    Return of incorrectly ordered Blue Book items by County of Lancaster Departments and Co-ops.

  3. Excess Furniture List For County Departments

    This form contains a list with pictures of excess furniture available for County Departments.

  4. Office Basics Returns Pick-Up Request Form

    Pick-up of Office Basics return items.

  5. Vendor Registration Form

    Vendors wishing to do business with the County of Lancaster must submit this form.

  1. County of Lancaster Internal Excess Property Site Registration Form

    The Lancaster County Purchasing Department in cooperation with our Auction Site vendor GovDeals, is creating a internal site for county... More…

  2. Department & Office Contacts Form

    This form is to list your departmental or office contacts for accounting issues such as processing of invoices, receipts, and... More…

  3. Lancaster County Cooperative Purchasing Board Member Contact Info Form

    This form is used to update contact info for Coop members.

  4. TONER CARTRIDGE RETURN FORM - Empty or Defective

    Empty or defective toner return form for County of Lancaster Departments.